About Us

EPCcompare.com launched in April 2009 to help people find the right services at the best price. It was founded by Paul McCormick who has worked his entire career in the building, construction and civil engineering industry then moving into the energy sectors. We believe compare is the first comparison site to bring transparency to the market for this new sector.

We know that the cheapest price isn't always the best value option and at epccompare, you can compare services by price or distance quickly and easily so that you can make an informed choice.

Customer satisfaction
Why use us?

* We can help you save time and money.
* We're commited to finding you the best price and right service.
* Compare EPCs, HIPs,Home reports, conveyance and removal quotes securely and safely.
* We will help you avoid costly and time consuming mistakes, delivering you a truly unique service.
* The price you see on EPCcompare.com is the price you pay. We don't charge you a penny for using our service.
* We aim to continually evolve the services we offer.
* We will never sell on your personal information to anyone else or use it to make unwanted sales calls or send unwanted emails.
* We always put our customers first and welcome any feedback on how to improve our service.


Operating from new offices, EPCcompare provides Comparison quotes to clients across the UK. Set-up in 2009 the company has built on 25 years experience in the construction and energy market.

Epccompare povides services to the public and profesional clients to compare quotes from hundreds of suppliers free of charge, the company provides businesses with a professional service and quality leads. The exceptional search engine is designed to be cost effective, quick response and easy to use.

The business creates a bespoke service that is not seen anywhere else on the web and is designed for business and public use. Suppliers are sourced nationwide, the services range includes comparisons for Gas Certificates, EPCs, Home reports and more. The services are available on the website and free for all to use.



EPCcompare.com, Elizabeth House, Duke Street, Woking, Surrey, GU21 5AS