Who does the Conveyancing?

Most people hire a solicitor or licensed conveyancer to undertake the legal side of buying their home. It is possible to do the conveyancing yourself, but it is time-consuming and also risky if you lack the necessary expertise.

There are some down falls doing your own conveyancing,here are just a few

  • Many mortgage lenders will insist on employing a solicitor to protect their interests. They will not risk having shoddy conveyancing work carried out by a buyer/seller.
  • There is a higher chance of things going disastrously wrong.
  • The other people involved may not be happy with you doing your own conveyancing, and may even reject your offer on this basis.


Although professional services are expensive, they have become cheaper in recent years and it is well worth the cost to successfully complete the purchase and to resolve any possible problems. This part of the process is crucial.