Green deal


The Green Deal is a measure that is being introduced by the government destined to revolutionize the energy efficiency of houses up and down Britain. It is a new plan to increase the energy efficiency of properties by increasing energy bills by a small amount, thus reducing energy costs overtime. The government is setting up a system to enable private companies to provide home owners with improvements to the energy efficiency of their homes, farms and businesses at no cost in advance and regain the money via installments through the energy bill.


Locally, the Green Deal allows many families and businesses to improve their property's energy efficiency without spending a lot of energy and wasting any money. A quarter of carbon emissions in Britain are generated in homes and a similar amount comes from our businesses and industries. Nationally, the United Kingdom needs to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, which are the main cause of climate change. The Climate Change Act of 2008 passed legislation to reduce carbon emissions in homes and workplaces and legally bound budgets in all areas of the UK's economy.


1) Consumer expression of interest

Consumers can express their interest in Green Deal aims and come on board if they agree with the Green Deal. There is no commitment expected of consumers at this stage.

2) Evaluation by an accredited assessor

An objective assessment of the property will be made by means of an energy performance certificate, which will be completed on the property. This assessment will include recommendations of improvements that can be applied to the property.

3) Green Deal Finance

In order for the recommended improvements to be eligible for Green Deal Finance they must respect the rule of thumb that the savings have to be at or above the cost of the measures taken, which will be added on to the energy bill. This recovery can also not be longer than the expected duration of the measure.

4) The provider of the Green Deal

If the measures to meet the basic requirements of the green deal finance, a Green Deal provider can make home owners an offer for the work that needs to be done. this will include an overview of the cost of the reimbursement and the duration of the works that need to take place. These remunerations will be paid back to the home owner through the water and gas bill. The Green Deal provider must dispense appropriate instructions which adhere to the consumer credit act and take into account the situation of the home or business owner. In order to move forward, all parties must give consent, especially the bill payer.

5) Installation Process

The official Green Deal provider will complete the improvements to the property, including more energy efficient boilers and insulation. All official providers are qualified and certified to make the necessary improvements and all works carried out will be covered by a warranty and a guarantee.

6) Collection of repayment

When the improvements are complete and the Green Deal program begins, your energy supplier will be responsible for the collection of the green deal charge and they will also send that payment on, taking into account the statutory requirements for the collection of payments and reimbursements.

7) Moving forward with the Green Deal

Because the Green Deal can be transferred over to the next resident or occupier of the property, all new residents must be informed of the green deal including the amount and duration of the payments still left to pay.