Home Buyers Report

This survey is for your own benefit rather than the mortgage lenders. A large majority of people opt for a homebuyer's report when buying a new home because it's more detailed than a basic valuation and it is definitely worth it to be sure that your new home is in good condition. It allows you to evaluate whether you want to continue with the purchase at the present price, and to consider any urgent problems with the property. The homebuyer's report is recommended for houses that are under 50-75 years old, conventionally constructed, and in generally sound condition.
The homebuyer's report gives a good indication of the state of the property and its level of repair and maintenance. The surveyor reports on all visible parts of the property, such as the condition of the roof, walls, windows, pointing out particularly any areas that will need work straight away or at a later date. Further specialist surveys will be recommended if required. Any issues to be discussed with your solicitor, such as parking spaces or rights of way, should be noted in the report. An estimation of the value of the property is also included. The contract will specify exactly what will be examined, so do check this carefully.
You can ask your mortgage lender to arrange for the surveyor doing the basic valuation to carry out a homebuyer's report at the same time. However, if you prefer, you can find your own surveyor.
The inspection itself can take between one and four hours to complete depending on the size of the property; you should receive the results up to five days later. The report can be between about 7 and 20 pages long depending on the condition of the property.