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The cost of an Energy Performance Certificate (epc) can vary significantly depending on a number of factors which we have listed below: Compare prices online, its FREE to use

  •  The type of property i.e terraced, detached or a small flat.
  •  Part of the country you live in.
  •  Number of bedrooms the property has.
  •  Whether buying an epc direct or indirect.
  •  If energy assessor is local to the property in question.
  •  Supply and demand.
  •  Are you in a rush to get an epc?    

There is no set price for the cost of an epc. An owner or landlord of a small one bedroom flat would pay less than a person with a detached house, but even these prices can vary depending if you are buying the epc directly from the energy assessor or going through an estate agent. Using an agent will increase the cost of an epc as they will be adding their own commission on top of the assessors quotation.

Most companies will base their fee on the amount of bedrooms in the property and the distance they will travel to get there but the market for energy assessors is currently very tight so you should be able to get your epc for a reasonable price. In some parts of the country this can be as little as £30 for a three bedroom house but you would expect to pay an average across the county of between £35-£55 for the same property.

To find the best prices in your area we have compiled energy assessors from across the country with their full pricing structures, simply enter the number of bedrooms and the postcode of the property and click search, you will be shown full details from the nearest five energy assessors along with the price for the details you entered.